Saturday, August 25, 2012

How I Survived Poison Ivy


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Last week I took my dogs for a walk.  We did not go into any woods, bushes, or areas that had poison ivy.  But, last Saturday my legs, arms, face, and neck broke out with a VICIOUS case of poison ivy.  I waited five days to go to the doctor to go on oral prednisone.  He gave me cortisone cream for my arms and legs, but said that it would permanently stain my face and neck if I used it on them.  

I had tried home remedies the first few days.  In the past I have used facial mask to stop the itching.  It does help dry up the spots.  I was taking  Advil and Benadryl.  They helped some, but my face and neck just BURNED.

Even on the medicines, I couldn't sleep.  Then I remembered that last summer, my scalp was burning horribly.  It turned out I was allergic to an ingredient in hair dye.  My friend has started selling organic lotions.  She recommended her brand.  I took a photo of the bottle because it has saved me so much pain.  It is NYR's  Calendula and Oats body lotion.

This lotion calmed down my face and neck to the degree that I could actually function as a human being.  I am walking around the house with this bottle at all times.  It's not curing the poison ivy, but it is not only soothing my outbreaks, it is soothing me.

I wouldn't be recommending a product I don't have complete faith in.  If you go to her link, I have put you directly on the page where this lotion is.  If you are also interested in organic, chemical free beauty products, click here for catalogueIf you have trouble reading the page, there is a zoom in button on the bottom bar of the site.  

I have also tested more of her products that I LOVE and am putting together a SPA in a Jar.
I will post about this soon.   

  I spoke with our homeowners association to ask if they'd cut back the poison ivy along our sidewalk.  They assured me it was Virginia Creeper and not toxic.  After speaking with my sister-in-law this morning, she told me Virginia Creeper can be just as poisonous to some people as poison ivy.  So, I Googled Virginia Creeper and MANY websites told me that a LOT of people are allergic to a chemical in Virginia Creeper and have worse reactions to it than poison ivy.  This is why I am in so much pain and am still having large breakouts seven days later.  But...the lotion works great.  

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