Monday, September 17, 2012

Sailor Boy

  I was going to post photos from the birthday beach bash, but I had to leave it unexpectantly to go into the hospital.  I had been fighting poison ivy/Virginia Creeper for a month.  I had been running fevers.  They abated for three days before the trip, but came out full force during it.  The fun foam on foam core sailor was made smaller than I wanted, but as he was traveling with us, he needed to be a portable size.  I originally printed him as a 3 page by 3 page size.  In the long run, this turned out to be the PERFECT SIZE for my kids.
   I left my grown up kids behind and headed back to Northern Virginia to go into the hospital.  They wanted to cheer me, so they started sending photos like the one above.  This is my daughter Annie's bff Rachel.  Her facebook page stated, "When your hubby won't go to the beach with you, you might end up picking up sailors."

They wanted me to know that it was windy at the beach, so Sailor Boy turned into a weather vane.

He helped my son build a sand castle.

They made him into a mermaid.

He chilled out with a buddy, sunbathed, and climbed on the top of their pyramid. See photos below.


They closed up the beach house like good children, and drove him home, so that he could visit me in the hospital, where they finally figured out what was causing all of my fevers.  I have diverticulitis.  But, he got into shenanigans in my hospital room.

This didn't quite make up for loosing half of my family beach vacation, but it did make me laugh.  I am home now and feeling better.  Friends have offered me a long weekend in Virginia Beach this fall, so I have that to look forward to.  I am glad I bought the rights to use this little guy, so that I could share this with you.

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