Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My daughter's a Paper Doll

If you've been following my blog, you know that my daughter is having a beach party birthday.  My last blog explained how I made the beach themed placemats using clipart and large 12" x 18" plastic envelopes.  If you research make your own placemats on my blog, I explain where to order the envelopes.

The mats seemed to be missing something.  Then I thought it would be fun to make Annie into a paper doll.  I tried many times, and the one above is my final choice.  I had to search for the right body and position.  This clipart started as a girl in a bikini.  I used Photoshop to color in the middle to make a one piece bathing suit.  I added different hands and feet from www.iclipart.com.  I had cartooned her head last January.  If you find my post on how to cartoon and just follow the steps, you could do this with your kids also. I just copied her head only and added it to the clipart body. 
When my husband saw this, he actually thought it was quite fun.  I've had a horrible case of poison ivy with a viral infection on top of it.  I had to do something while being sick.  
I sprayed a big basket from Michael's brown like I did for the nautical baby shower.  These sails are a lot larger.  I am filling the boat with small gifts and using it as a centerpiece.  
I'll take pictures at the party.  I hope the sandcastle cake turns out.  I bought a special large deep square pan for the base, just for this project.  I found ideas on Pinterest.  I bought dollar sand buckets earlier in the summer to use as lunch pails.  

After making one daughter into a paper doll, my other daughter and adopted daughters (college friends who have lived and traveled with me) wanted to be paper dolls.  I had already done most of their heads for last year's Disney World tee-shirt, so I just had to add the heads to different bodies.  I bought the body you see in the number  4, 5, and 6 boxes.  The others were bits and pieces from www.iclipart.com.

I used the boxes from my Safari Roulette game. See previous post.  I made my son and daughter's boyfriend taller (because they both are tall).  I sent a copy of this photo to the girl's this morning.  They didn't recognize the girl in box 8, because she has long blond hair now.  

I hope the family loves playing this game as much as I liked making it.  We're trying it out before I use it with 25 guests at the baby shower.

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