Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cattle Drive Chili Contest 2013

Here is one of the eight panels I have created for the windows at the office.  We have an annual Chili Cook-off each MarchBut...I change out the theme each year.  Two years ago, the theme was Wild West.  Last year it was Farmland.  This year it is Cattle Drive.  My husband loved the standup cardboard cow from last year and wanted to add LOTS more cows this year.  Unfortunately, they cost $40 and up, so I won't tell you the budget, but it is enough to make the entrance to the party fun.  

 As you can see, most of the cow clipart I purchased at
was female.  We eat STEER in the U.S.  Those are BOY cows.  I had to remove the utters from the cows.  See top picture.  Now, because the cows I purchased are black and white, I have to add some black and white steers.  See photo below.  I photoshopped brown cow to convert it.  Not so bad, I'm thinking.  I need to crop this image to get rid of the white space below it.  Sorry...keep going down to see the next image.
 I've already "roped" in friends to help me with desserts.  Since I made cow cake pops two years ago, I'm thinking of making horse cake pops this year.  I saved a cute sample of some on Pinterest.  My pound cake/cornbread mini muffins are a must.  Okay, so I got carried away and bought a covered wagon centerpiece on Etsy.    I'll add more as the planning continues.  I got a mini pie maker for Christmas.  I am going to make some mini apple pies to try out for the party.

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