Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Building Block Hotel 2012

Every year my son, a NYC architect, and I build a block hotel for his train to run through.  If you look carefully in the bottom left corner of the photo, you can see one of the train trestles my husband built me to let the train run across the hearth in the dining room, around the free standing fireplace, across the living room hearth, and returns to the hotel.

We have experimented with floors.  Last year we used my wicker trays as floors.  This year I had laminated pieces cut to size.  But, they really aren't sturdy enough.  I will have to go back to plywood next year.
 After we dismantled last year's hotel, I ordered a few more pieces.  I ordered 8.5 x 11" rugs, a pool, and three bathrooms.  I also ordered the tree we placed in the park on the bottom level.  We invited my great nephews, aged 4 and 2 over for the construction.  They had a BLAST.  They followed the train around, and around, and around all afternoon.
I use two of his generals from his fort set as doormen.  We bought wooden furniture one year when the blocks kept tumbling down.

 We let the boys control the speed of the train.  At one point the engine disengaged and went roaring away.  The excitement built as it came full circle and crashed.  No damage done, but it was fun to watch.  Every hotel is unique from year to year.  I loved adding more boys to the mixture.  I hope it continues as a family tradition.

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