Saturday, April 27, 2013

How I Built Two Wedding Flower Pots

The idea started with wanting to put a tree on the altar.  My BFF asked me if I would buy two yellow azalea bushes instead.  If you see the previous post on this, you will begin to see the process.  The yellow bushes didn't work.  Since the bride's colors were yellow and blue, I started with the idea of blue pots and yellow forsythia.  I had this vision in my head, but had no real idea of how I was going to accomplish this.

  I am going to update this with photos later, but the wedding is at noon, and I have a car to pack.  I am just going to tell you that when I went to my local flower shop to buy the fresh stems, there sat these white plastic buckets that were just the right size to fit in the blue ceramic pots.  But, how was I going to get the layers I needed.  I drilled a 1.5" diameter hole in the bottom of the plastic pot near the back side of it.

I hot glued a sturdy piece of styrofoam to the bottom of the pot.  The white plastic bucket went in on top of this block.  Then I rubber banded the forsythia branches together and pushed them through the hole.  Each pot held 12 branches.  

Next I used silk flower foam cut in half blocks to stuff in the bottom of the plastic pot.
On top of that I placed soaked oasis into which I placed the flowers.  I used green hydrangeas, since they never wilt, white calla lilies (bride's choice)and purple (blue) iris.  The florist threw in the large palms and smaller greenery for free. (I have ordered from them a lot before).  The small yellow roses I bought at the last minute, as the bride's bouquet has yellow roses in it.

I showed you the beautiful ivy baskets I bought in that previous post.  I removed the ivy and dirt with roots completely from its pot.  I bravely ripped it all in half.  Then each part in half again.  I tucked the ivy into the fronts of each pot.

So, I ended up with silk, live, and potted plants in this arrangements.

Update notice: the deacon (minister) liked the flower explanation so much, that he used it in his sermon.  The back of the program is here  in case you missed it.

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Miss Kitty said...

So ingenious !!! I love the way that you bunched the forsythia all together to give it a more dramatic (and easier to be seen from a distance) look. The whole look is just fabulous! Thanks for sharing how you accomplished these pretty pots of flowers.