Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Ink Out of a Shirt

I looked in the back seat of my husband's car this past weekend.  There sat his tuxedo shirt with a HUGE fresh ink stain.  I asked him why this shirt was even in the car.  He complained that the dry cleaners had wanted $15 to clean it, so he wasn't going to do that right now and threw it back in the car.  I was curious as to how the ink stain got on it in the car.  He had no idea, but he guessed a pen might have fallen out of his pocket (common happening for him) and leaked.  He told me that was $60 down the drain.

I had seen a Pinterest pin on using rubbing alcohol to clean furniture.  I know this works, because I have a velour footstool my dog rubs against.  I put the alcohol on a clean rag and the dirt rubs right off of it.  I have removed PAINT from a pair of his pants with the alcohol.  I had gotten another smaller ink stain out of a patterned shirt of his--after rescuing it from the trash can.  But...this stain was huge.  

First I found a clean white washcloth I was willing to trash.  I blotted up as much of the ink as I could.  Then I started pouring the alcohol directly on the stain--which was about the size of a dollar coin.  I blotted and rubbed as the stain started disappearing.  I continued to pour alcohol and rub and blot for about an hour.  But, the results in the picture above are the results.  I wish I had taken the time to take a before picture as proof.  But, you'll have to try this to believe it anyway.

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