Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Made My Own Multicolored Fonts

It all started with a PINTEREST postI saw a title I loved.  It was all patchwork like the third font down.  That one I found after sifting through hundreds of fonts to find it.  I desperately needed a distraction from a very sad situation at home.  I went online to see if there were any PRE-COLORED fonts to download.  I was even willing to shell out some bucks for one.  Alas...alak...just plain shucks...I couldn't find one.

So, I downloaded the above fonts.  I opened a separate Photoshop document for each font.  Then I made 26 layers in each document.  Yep!!! One for each letter of the alphabet.  I made the page 3" x 3" and the font size 200 pt.  

Then...I started coloring each individual letter.  Please notice the scrapbook looking font called KARAMURUH from is not colored.  I didn't have THAT much time.

Now I can make posters, etc. and just drag the letters onto the blank new document.
The above is my first attempt.  Because the letters are on different layers, I can make each one bigger, smaller, overlapping, twisted, or anything I want.  The top font is called FATTY HEART FILLED. The second one is called EPIC AWESOMENESS.  The big green T is from a font called THE BUBBLE LETTERS.  THE is part of the font's name.  The big bottom N is a font called ANYWHERE BUT HERE.

I am happy with my results.  This is another reason I love Photoshop.

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