Saturday, June 1, 2013

Birthday Banner Chair Cover



I saw the above two birthday banners on Pinterest. Please go visit their websites if you like them as much as I do. I thought they would be cute chair back covers.  I could reuse them over and over-- and even take them to restaurants.
I am not a perfectionist.  I try and try and try.  Below are my first and second attempts at this project.  I had not appliqued anything with my sewing machine in YEARS.

     I thought that if I used a pillow case it would make the project easier. Since the second pin above had a black background (that is a quilted project above by the way.) I cut up the right non-sewn side of the case to be able to sew on the appliques. 
      I liked the green cake stand and was excited when I found a similar material.  What I didn't realize was that you should really use matching thread to sew when you don't really know what you are doing.  The brown material was too dark on the plain black case.   I tried and tried and couldn't get the frosting.  You had to join the quilting site to get their pattern. 
    I had already bought the ruffles to attempt the top cake, so I added them.  Ruffles are HARD.  They are hard to pin onto the material.  I LOVE how the candles turned out.  It is hard to see with my iphone photo, but they are two tones and the material looks like flames.  I wasn't even going to share this with you, but my husband and family loved it.  (God Bless Family).  We took it to a restaurant and put it on his chair.

Today, I went with the original white dishtowels I bought to attempt the top cake.  My daughter encouraged me to try the ruffles again.  But, she thought it would look cute with ribbon between the layers.  See what you think in photo below.

 It's not perfect, but the black stitching on the cake plate doesn't show.  Yeah!  The cake is taller with the pink ribbon between the layers.  The ruffles are as straight as I can get with my old sewing machine.  I had lots of ribbon for the candles.  I attached them with fusible hem tape. It is a combination of the two banners above.  It's going to a party tonight.  I am going to keep trying.  If you have any suggestions, I'd LOVE to hear them.

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