Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Dog Gone Way to Give CASH

I searched and searched Pinterest for an original way to give cash for a graduation gift.
After practically causing brain damage thinking, I came up with the above gift.  I will wrap the whole wagon in cellophane paper.  I made up a poem that went with the theme.  It is below. 
    Do you see the dog house card in the photo?  It is printed landscaped on cardstock.  Inside, I printed a graphic of a dog to match the Jelly one I ordered on (I just love the Jelly line of animals.)  I printed and glued him on the inside left.  I printed the poem on the inside right.  I am giving you these cliparts for FREE below.  This is just in case you'd ever like to do this.  I got the wagon on for $14.  I had to put the wheels on myself. 

   Print the bones on CARDSTOCK.  Fold each in half to cut the slit.  Fold the money
   in half lengthwise, then in half the other way and put it through the slit in the bone.
   The clipart pieces below are both on the right side as I saved and printed them landscaped to make the card smaller.  I cut off 2" from the top of each printed piece to make the card smaller and cuter in the wagon. 
(I made the bowl by tracing a lid circle onto green cardstock.  I cut another piece of green cardstock in half lengthwise.  I trimmed each piece down lengthwise by 1".  I glued these two pieces together to make one long strip. Then I folded up 1' along the long side of the strip and cut tabs up to this fold.  I used a glue stick and put glue on the tops of the tabs and started pressing the circle with tabs on the bottom around the circumference.  I cut the extra off when the two ends met and glued them together.  I reinforced the bottom of the bowl with tape.

Please let me know if you would have done anything different.  I wrote the poem, by the way.

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