Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pirate Hats for Photo Op

I am planning a pirate theme for this year's annual Margaritaville Office Party.  I know that  clients and the architects who work with us won't wear costumes, as they will be coming straight from work.  I was going to just make fun foam eye patches.  Then I saw this clipart and wondered if I could make a "one stick" photo op piece.  I am going to make bunches of these.  I am also going to buy the Fuji Fun Camera so that I can post pictures immediately on a wanted poster. did I do this.  I made the hat in three pieces. They are below.  All you have to do is print them out 11" x 8.5" (landscaped).  Use the printouts as patterns on black and red fun foam.  Glue the three pieces together with tacky glue.   (Keep looking after the pattern for another hat idea).

I folded a large piece of black fun foam in half the long (or hot dog) way.  I measured how big across my huge head is. This is my daughter in the photo, not me.  I cut a half circle ON THE FOLD.  Leaving the foam still folded in half, I left 2" on each side and cut up gradually to the top of the hat and back down the other side.  I just stapled these two inch side pieces.  You could sew them.  Or you could punch holes and put gold brads in them.  I took the pattern from the hat above, and with a sharp pencil, outlined the skull and bones by punching holes in the foam underneath the pattern.  Then I took white liquid eraser (paint doesn't work) and filled in the pattern.  When it was dry, I put the skull features on with a black sharpie.  Believe it or not, the hat stretches over your head.  I made this for $1.

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