Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day

Can the neighbors make it for Valentine's with all the snow?
I ordered glass bowls in order to see the Valentine's under the bowl.  We're having chili tomorrow.

I have my old man "Santa" who sits out most of the year.  Last Thanksgiving, I found the turkey on Pinterest.  Now, he stays out with his friend.  So, with Valentine's Day coming around, I wanted to include them in the holiday.   It took four different cliparts to make the Valentine in the silver frame.  The sentiment reads, "I could just GOBBLE you up. Won't You be my Valentine?"  "Oh, sorry.  I should rephrase that."

I bought the waiter for my niece Erin's wedding.  He stood on the lemonade and cookie table under a giant tree.  So, when I found the above cliparts, I added them together to make a Valentine for the bar at the dinner party I am throwing on February 14th.

 I wanted Valentine Byer 's Choice dolls.  When I started searching, I found the little girl in the heart dress.  I loved the milkman, although he didn't tie in, but his white shirt with red scarf did.  I had the postman from Christmas.  I couldn't pass up the umbrella girl in her red boots.  Since we just found out my hubby is now in remission from cancer, I wanted the holiday to be special.  So,  I combined clipart to make the Valentine below.

I will update this with my tablescape and photos after the dinner party.

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