Friday, March 14, 2014

Four Carnival Games

The four carnival games for our office party are displayed here.  There was a LINE to play them.

     Here is one of four of the carnival games I am making for the State Fair Rodeo Chili Contest party.  I found the fish balls (they are stuffed) on  I didn't want bean bags because they'd be too easy to throw.  These little guys are lightweight and make the game more difficult.  
     As usual, I love to reuse party props.  You've seen my wooden wagon at four other party's being used as a serving piece.  So, when I needed a target for my "Gone Fishing" game, it seemed perfect. was too big for the space, so I used one of my wicker boats as the target.


I also wanted to reuse my woven boats from the Margaritaville party.   I have molded chocolate fish.  I also found the mold on  I bought three sheets that mold eleven goldfish each.  No carnival is complete without someone winning goldfish.

Here is the individual package.  I added some blue cardstock waves and secured the little cellophane bag with a topper.  If you look carefully, the blue dot has a tiny company logo on the left.

We got the bracelets in the tube to glow.  The guests loved throwing the light rings.  This game was very difficult.

Flinging frogs with a net.  Small basket.  Hard to do, but fun.

Each gun held FIVE rubber bands, so you got 5 chances to hit the targets in order.  See the whole bucket of rubber bands.