Friday, February 28, 2014

County Fair and Rodeo Party

        I have been planning the Office's annual Chili Contest.  If you have been following my blog, you know I try to alter the theme every year.  The theme has to have cows and/or cowboys.  Last year it was a cattle drive themeThe year before it was an Old West theme.  One year it was a farm theme.  Because we ordered eight stand-up cows last year, I wanted to use them again.  So, with this year's them, I can put blue ribbons on them.  I ordered two cardboard standup horses to tie in the rodeo part of the theme.
The fair part of the theme needed some games and prizes.  The above photo shows some of the game pieces I have been gathering. Below is a photo from party set-up taken from my i-phone.  I have updated this post and have photos of the party below.

If you want to see the post with the description of the games and their cliparts, go  here.

       I bought the bean bag frogs for another party, and couldn't figure out how to use the nets to fling them.  Then I got the brainstorm to tie the bottom of the net up with a rubber band to make it shallow.  It now works great as a "flinger."  I am using a small napkin basket as the target.  I am printing up a graphic image to match each of the four games.  I will add those below.  I found the four wooden dinosaurs at Home Goods on sale.  They are piggy banks.  But, they are just the right size to fling three hooked-together glow bracelets over.  They are just sitting in the box for the display here.  The box will actually be wrapped in pretty paper and hold plastic food tubs.  I have ordered six goldfish balls.  Yes, that's right.  You can find anything on  This will be a toss game. Finally, the red, white, and blue stand on the left is a target.  I will have two rubber band guns which hold 5 nice size bands each.  The little flaps flip over when hit.
I am transferring the clipart above to the cardboard backdrops.

The first of the window panels to welcome you.

The second window panel gives you the fair theme.

The fourth panel continues the rodeo theme.

The third panel sets the rodeo theme.

You have to have a rodeo clown.


What County Fair and Rodeo wouldn't have a band?

You must have a roller coaster and bumper cars.

You can't have a fair without a ferris wheel.


 I built all of these panels (which will be enlarged to 40" x 60" panels for the big windows in our lobby.  I made them from bits and pieces of other cliparts.  If you decide to use any of them, they can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

I couldn't find a clipart of bleachers I liked ANYWHERE.  So I built my own.  I had a lot of trouble finding quality cowboys and crowds. Most of the people are bits and pieces of people.  I feel like Dr. Frankenstein.

Finally, below are the backdrop clipart pieces to date.  I'll probably tweek them before the party and add title signs.  I have LOTS more things to tell you about the party--like the desserts--but I will wait until I start baking  before taking pictures. Of course, I am molding orange chocolate gold fish, you're probably wondering.  I am waiting for the mold to arrive.  I got it on, along with the target shoot game.
Pig cookies, candied apple cake pops, and popcorn centerpiece.

Chocolate chip cookie dough crusts with cherry pie filling, chocolate pudding, and cream cheese and cool whip topping.
Ten foot iconic cowboy greeted guests.  We did put his arm on by the time the party started.

New this year are standup horses.  The two rodeo posters went behind them.

The cows went down the office's main hall this year.  Some wore prize ribbons.  Some got tipped (ha ha).   

Here is the prize wheel.  People wanted to win it. It had catagories, like candy, squishies, cups, etc. on it. People had a four game ticket booklet.  They turned in a ticket to play/win/lose.  Even losing tickets went into a raffle box for prize drawings later.

Prize table.  I used the top shelf for stuffed animals.  Our clients and friends loved my choices.  There was actually a line to play games.  The rubber band shoot was a favorite.

Table setting and three of the window posters

Ride the Bull photo op.  Pictures weren't crystal clear because you had to stand behind glass.  But we took Poloroid shots, so guests could take them home with them.  This turned out to be a very popular aspect.
Even the band got into the photos.  Notice the cow hats I found.

My husband and I riding the bull

pig cookies up close

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