Saturday, November 15, 2014

North Pole Races Party

I haven't blogged in awhile because I have been busy planning and shopping for the Office's Holiday Party.  We are back to the North Pole for the Races because it was so popular last year.  I searched and searched online for a clipart of Santa's Toy Shop.  Nothing caught my eye until I saw a photo of a ceramic piece.  It took my awhile, but I outlined it carefully and filled it in with colors.  I added clipart of toys and bows.  I think I caught the essence of it.  It will be enlarged to a 30" x 60" for a photo op.

I combined two clipart for the Post Office 30" x60" photo op to give it more whimsy.  I added the canopy and candy canes.  I bought a wireless air printer that I can link to my ipad and iphones to print postcard size pictures.

One of the race car panels from last year, but with village houses added.

The office has asked me to keep the party themes the same for the future.  So, since last year's office party was the "North Pole Races,"  I am just tweaking the plans a little.  The wives and kids are invited for an evening party since hubby is off of chemo.  Last year I used foot-powered sit down scooters.  This year, there are two types of races.

I have four of these garden carts that hold 235 pounds each.  They will be used for side by side races.  They were tested by thirty-somethings for their FUN QUOTIENT and passed with "flying" colors.

Sharper Image sells this snowball thrower.  It is easy to use and really flings things.

These elves are sold by the dozen on  Since their hands velco together, I can curl them up into a ball and fling them with the snowball thrower.  They really fly.

I bought two adult trikes for the relay track race. These are timed with stop watches for big cash prizes.

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