Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Family photo on Saturn Cruise 2024
                                    Christmas Newsletter 2014-2024

Our family went to see the movie Interstellar at the Space Museum in Imax.  We LOVED it.  The idea of travelling to a new galaxy with a time difference intrigued us.  So, on that note, the setting for this newsletter puts our family in the future by ten years.  What have we been doing in this time lapse?  See below.

1.  Our dogs Lucky and Halley had been in diapers and on their last legs, but by traveling to a new galaxy in 3-D time warp, they were cured of their old age and are puppies again.
2.  Annie found love on the new planet.  By searching "off-earth" she not only widened her horizons, but fell in love with a space pilot.  They got married last year.  He is gone a lot, but she is busy designing the new space station.  She looks younger every day with the difference in years from earth.
3.  Robbie is still earth-bound.  He is working for Disney who is developing a new theme park off-planet.  It is top secret, so I can't give you any of the details.  He still has his home in Malibu and likes working for himself.
4.  Maryanne's panic disorder was released on the new planet.  She is also living on the space station.  Since the gravity is less up there, people aren't bumping into each other and she doesn't feel crowded.  She is singing open-mike at a new club up there and keeps Annie company.  They are both currently taking space walking lessons.  They don't ever want what happened to Sandra Bullock to happen to them.
5.  Buzz and I have celebrated our fifty-first wedding anniversary.  For our fiftieth celebration, we took the entire family on a space cruise.  The photo above is on Saturn.  It was just spectacular there.  Since the time difference makes us the same age as 2014, we still have energy to jog, bike, and run the annual Saturn Marathon when we go up to visit the girls.  Buzz sometimes commutes back and forth to his architect firm, which he relocated to Florida, closer to the Cape Kennedy shuttle port.
6.  In the last ten years, I have trimmed down in order to fit into my new designer space suits.  The latex is very comfortable and stretches well.  Speaking of stretching...I guess I stretched the truth pretty far.  But, you can figure out the truth if you look behind the science fiction.  It isn't fiction that we miss you very much and hope for visits or online chats.  We wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope to hear from you in the new year.

The Drury Family
Buzz, Jani, Maryanne, Annie, Robbie, Lucky and Halley

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Liz Badley said...

What a fun Christmas letter!!! Merry Christmas, Drury family. :)