Friday, December 19, 2014

North Pole Races Christmas Party Photos

I started with this photo from the party to prove that you're never too old to ride a tricycle.  This is one of the band members taking a break to have some fun.  The adults went so fast down the course that they had to set up barriers to protect the walls.  Their big rolls of drawings came in handy as we used them along the course where the trikes tended to tip over going around a corner.  It worked great.

                               Here are two of the exuberant winners.

This shot was taken through a glass window in the office, but some people even rode tandem on the trikes.

We set the chocolate bar up again.  They filled their cardstock cars with the goodies.

 The band was fabulous.  This was our first group with drums.  We always invite the bands to participate fully in the festivities.

Some of us chose to dance, sometimes in tandem also.

This photo might look like things were slow, but most likely two trikes with kids just whizzed by.

This corner took a beating. The wood will have to be replaced.  But, we have extra and no one got upset.

The potato pellet gun game was a huge success.  The new wooden game box I got on Etsy kept the pellets contained, so no mess.

Above are three of the trophies I made.  I glued the dowels to wooden blocks and sprayed them with silver paint.  Then I ordered nice sized plastic cars on Amazon and glued a small piece of styrofoam into an opening in the bottom of each car.  The top of the dowel inserted and was glued into the styrofoam.  We just printed out labels for them on the office's machine.

Since we have hospitality clients, we like to use their catering services for our parties when possible.  I saw this car as a centerpiece on Pinterest.  We gave it to the overall winner of the races.  He was delighted.  See all the envelopes on the wall.  The trike race winners earned cash, but I had books of tickets for the other games.  if you won, you placed your ticket in the WINNERS' RAFFLE BOX.  At the close of the games, we drew names.  Each envelope held either cash from $5 to $200 OR a WHITE ELEPHANT card.
The table in the top left corner of the photo held a large wrapped box of things I'd collected from drawers, closets, shelves from around my house.  People loved this.  The winners simply chose a number on an envelope at random.  Everyone wants to win a prize, no matter what it is.

I wonder what is in her envelope.

And the trike races continued.

The hostess takes a break.  My favorite moment was when Chloe, a four year old, came to me to let me know that two of the dad's had taken the bikes outside and were riding them through the parking lot.  I reassured her that is was okay and that they would come back.

 We had a full turkey dinner being served in the office kitchen.  It was like being in box seats at a sporting event with trike riders speeding by as we ate.  The garlands on the trees were tiny racing flags I glued onto red and white striped twine.  There were miniature cars as ornaments on each tree.  The runners were racing striped cloth.  We brought the cardboard cars out from last year and I put Santa's Misfit Toy bean bags in each one.  The posters on the windows were of elves driving different styles of cars.
Poster at end of race.

I made this clipart into fun foam, but without the man.  It sat in the kitchen on the counter.

 This large poster went up in the building's main lobby.  I used Sharper Image's cross bow snowball shooters (basically a big slingshot).  We shot small toy elves across the room to hit the poster and try to land them into a wrapped box.  Everyone had fun doing this.
Beside this game, I had the four garden scooters.  The area was wide enough for four people to race side by side.  I had a large inflatable lawn ornament of Santa's VAN for added decoration to this area.

 I don't have any pictures of people playing the above game.  But plenty of them did.  My favorite line from this show was and still is, "What are you babies doing?"  I hope all of you are having as much fun at your holiday parties as we did.

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