Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chili Cookoff 2015

I haven't gone missing.  I have been busy with two old dogs, a funeral, a chili contest, and a wedding shower.  The last two events are still in the planning stages.

So...fun things I am doing for the party.  I wanted an EASY target game for my Wild West theme for this year.  So I bought two airbazooca guns from Amazon.com.  I spent last weekend shooting lightweight things, and finally decided to use plastic drink cups.  You get five blasts to knock off five cups from a table.  It's fun.

I went through a faze of thinking that I am too old to dress up for these parties.  Then I decided, "Naw."  So the above is my newest apron for the Chili Cook-Off.

 Since we are renting an ice cream machine, I need pies to go with the ice cream.  Logical, you are thinking.  But...I needed a pie cupboard to put them in.  One that was portable, not too small, and made me smile every time I lugged it to the office.  Look what I found on Etsy.com.  It is 30" tall.  Now I have to find a Pinterest recipe for tartlets, and get me some there tartlet pans.

Not everyone drinks alcohol with their chili.  We provide water and punch for the others.
The huge drink dispenser at work is GLASS and a bear to wash.  I saw this galvanized one online and tracked it down after a couple of hours--on Ebay.com.  It holds a ton of liquid, but better yet, when the liquid gets below the spigot, I can provide a ladel to get the punch down at the bottom.  YIPPEE!!!

Landscaped with two of the voting sheets.  The guests were given six voting dots each.  They put one in a box on six chilies they liked.  I have included to two halves of the dairy barn in case you ever need one.


Below are the pattern pieces for the cardboard tipping cows.  Glue the front to a piece of cardboard "pizza box" thickness.  Cut out.  Glue the reverse cow to the other side.  Repeat process for legs.  Cut 1 1/2" into cow's lower line to slide the legs into.  Repeat for cow legs.


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