Friday, March 20, 2015

Wild West Chili Contest 2015

We had over 200 people/clients at this year's annual office CHILI CONTEST.  Since the theme this year was "The Wild West,"  I wanted you to see the backdrop banners I made for the occasion.  The are each 30" x 65."   If you look at the third one from the left, you will see why I put toy buzzards in the manzanita tree centerpieces.

Look all the way down the windows to the right.  It took me two panels for my SALOON.
Want a closer look, see below.

I put the band behind a cardboard fence in front of the saloon.  I had to cut and piece tons of pieces of clipart to make my five saloon girls, then hand outline and color them.  The band was FABULOUS, by the way.  They played tunes that fit the theme to a tee.

 Here is the cow tipping at the party.  The guests loved doing this and won $25 coupons if they tipped over four cows with five puffs.

We also offered "pony" rides in the lobby and outside.  Here is yours truly in her cow apron.

Here is Aunt Polly in fun foam standing by her "dairy farm and bakery."  See the cow cookies in the basket?

See the Kahlua Brownies...look fast...they went twice as fast.  See the chicken cake pops.  Oh, you want a better look at those.  See below.

My pie safe with cherry cheesecake mini pies.  And cow napkins.  The pies on the left are apple.

Here are the awards.  I bought a toy cooking set on and glued the pieces onto wooden blocks sprayed with silver paint.

See the top right photo?  That is Aunt Polly's dairy barn done in two panels.

These photos give you a good overview of the party.  It was fun. If you want the cow patterns go HERE

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