Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Polar Bear Party


THEME: We have a large group BEACH party in Delaware, Maryland every year for my daughter's friends and family.  I have posts about previous ones, including the Minions one.  I alwayspick a theme.  Because it is usually a group of 16 people, I make placemats to match the theme.  If you are interested in doing this, go to:
Above are two of the characters I added to the mats, along with ice bergs, ships, buoys, etc.
DRESS:  I asked everyone to bring an all white outfit. I ordered white knit hats from Amazon, along with white pompoms and bear noses.  I sewed the pompoms on the hats and glued the eyes onto the hats at the beach.
This is the birthday girl front and center.

I even bought two large plush polar bears, which we used as footstools all week.

I like to have a craft of some sort every year.  Last year the group made Minions cup cakes. It was like I had asked them to jump off a bridge.  Using a decorating bag seemed to be like using a foreign tool.  But those cupcakes turned out ADORABLE.  Search Minions on this blog to see the results.  So this year, they were better prepared.  If you look closely at the last picture above, you will see the placemats.
A few years back, I bought miniature beach chairs from Amazon that are meant to hold
American Girl dolls.  They held plush polar bears for the centerpieces. Any toddlers coming usually get to take the plush animals home.
One of the couples from the South have started making a low country boil for the birthday dinner. It consists of sausage, shrimp, corn, potatoes.  Once cooked, it is dumped on brown bags covering the table and is eaten with your fingers.
Over the years, I have assigned cooking each night to couples or groups, since after-all it IS my beach vacation.  I always bring chili supplies, though, just in case the group wants
to go out on the town one night.
So, are thirty-somethings too old for themed parties?  No, they tell me.  They are
anxiously awaiting how I am carrying out the OWL theme this year.

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