Monday, June 12, 2017

Moana Bingo

   If you want to see the post about the Moana's Shiny Things Target Game go here:
I am helping a friend with her granddaughter's sixth birthday with a MOANA theme. It was planned to be an outdoor pool/yard party with about 15 kids from her kindergarten class and neighborhood.  It is calling for thunderstorms on the day of the party.  So, I needed a simple-to-set-up game for inside.  I have played ELIMINATION BINGO with my own children and elementary classes for many years.  It works better for a big group when a sit-down bingo can't be played.  I made 25 laminated cards with characters and clipart from Disney's movie. 

Usually I will provide clipart for you to print, but because it is Disney's (and they are generous to share for free if you use it for yourself) I am only taking a photo of the game board.

How to play: Up to 25 kids could play, but since we are having 15, I would review who each of the characters are to the group.  They will be more spread out than in the
photo above.  I will ask each child to stand on a square.  I love finding spinning and dice apps online or at the app store.  I downloaded one called  DECIDE NOW!. It lets you create a spinning wheel with any number of spaces. So I built one with the following 25 categories:

Moana, Maui, Baby Moana, Father, Mother, Grandmother,
Village Kids, Pig, Hei Hei, Tahiti, Hawk, Crab, Boat, Sharkhead, Tattooes, Island, Horned Hat Coconut, Straw Hat Coconut, Fish Head Coconut, Conch Hat Coconut,
Necklace, Heart of Tahiti, Spike Hat Coconut, Villagers and Wave.

The object of the game:  to be the last one standing

As a  spinners category comes up (it is actually highlighted in the app), if you are
standing on that square, you must sit down.  You are not out unless the category you are sitting on comes up again.

As children begin moving off the board when their character is called twice, empty boxes become available.  There is a rule that you may change to any other box between spins. This adds an extra level of fun to the game.  Of course, you may always stay put on your original square.

Pretty soon, there are only a few kids left on the board.  You can decide at any point to award prizes.  I like to give out 1-5 prizes if I have a time constraint.

I will update this post after the party to let you know how it went.  I will be posting later with photos from the party and other ideas and games.

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