Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Moana's Target Throw

Moana Party Target Throw
Shiny Things
If you want to see the post with the Moana Stand-up Bingo, go here:
I am reusing the frame and tripod from previous events for the Disney themed Moana party.  My hubby cut holes in the backboard for me for our holiday party.  It was very popular with the adults, so I thought future first graders would enjoy it also.  I printed out shiny clipart objects and taped them next to each hole.  I enlarged the crab character for the top.  I am using koosh balls and launcher I got on Amazon.  EVERY SINGLE -party, someone begs me for the launchers, which I give away.  I have to stop doing this.
Angry Birds Star Wars - Han Solo Koosh Ball Launcher
It works like a highly technical slingshot, but you just pull the handle back and release it.
The balls shoot out of it quickly, so the trick is in the aiming.
I will use a marker to assign the point value for each of the holes on the target.  I will use low numbers the kids can add up easily.  They will earn a prize ticket for getting 20 total points.  I will most likely use lots of the number 5.  Below I have included the shiny things cards and crab for you to print.  Just right click and save or print.

The clipart is copyrighted to Disney.
Do you know that when using Photoshop, you can print as a pdf file?  Once saved, a box comes up with the print icon.  If you click on it, the POSTER option opens and you can
print any size you want.  You have to trim and glue the pages together, but it is a great option for enlarging.  The other option is to save images, j-pegs to a thumb drive and take them over to your Office Depot.  They will enlarge them to any size you want. 
Above are the Maui tickets to print out on cardstock if you like.

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