Thursday, June 15, 2017

Moana Flowered Headband

Moana's Flowered Headband
My good sported daughter modeling headband made from a plastic tablecloth

Sparkly sticker flowers from Michaels

One green plastic tablecloth cut lengthwise into 4" wide strips

Paper flowers from Michaels

Three different sizes of flowers sorted

The three sizes of flowers glued together sorted into bags of eight
I usually have the photos inserted between paragraphs, but I wanted you to see all of
the supplies first.  I also bought 5mm elastic string in the bead section, along with large  needles that would work with the string. I precut the tablecloth into 12 strips and folded each one, so that they would all fit into a gallon sized plastic bag.  Since I pre-glued the flowers, each child will go to the craft station we set up for this and receive a bag of flowers with the stickers in it.  There will be an adult measuring their heads for the string, then doubling it to go through the needle.  I think four adults would work great at this station.  The adults will gather the strips right down the middle going lengthwise.  Once it is the correct circumference for the child's head, the can tie of the ends with a knot.  The kids then staple the flowers onto the center of the bands and put on a sticker to cover the staple.  That's it folks.  Done.  No tons of leaves to cut.  No flowers to cut or color.  I will include photos from the party to update.

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