Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Moana Party

Moana Party

The Moana boat I built from two cardboard boxes.  The sail is a post I bought at Michael's 
and two large sheets of white fun foam glued together. I started the boat by cutting off
the two long flaps of the rectangular boat for the larger canoe.  I cut the end pieces off to create triangles.  I used the side flaps by scoring them and cutting them to fit under the triangles. I cut off any excess and masking taped them together.  I used two pieces of scrap cardboard to make the top triangles and taped them on also.  I did the same thing to a longer and shorter box for the outrigger. I used a smaller, lower, wider box for the middle piece. I cut slits where it connected once placed on the "canoe.

I printed out the wood pattern above and tacky glued it on all sides of everything. My box might be a little high, but as a cupcake server it made a big impact.  Where did I get the bamboo?  You can buy bamboo fencing at Home Depot.  It is fairly easy to snip and cut down to any size you want.  I had these pieces wrapped around jars from a jungle party, so I simply reinvented them. I had thought about using Lincoln Logs and wiring them together.  You could also use dowels wired together.  I use E6000 glue from Michael's for anything I want to REALLY stick together for projects.  It takes 24 hours to set, but boy does it hold.

Here it is with Moana's pig and chicken.  I bought the standup Moana and Maui cardboard figures from AMAZON.  Yes, Amazon.  The little girls liked having their picture taken with the plastic tablecloth headbands.  If you want those directions go here: 
                                Moana headbands

The bottom left photo is the birthday girl with her headband.  If you see the top right photo, that is the Maui standup with one half of my cornhole game.  I bought a dozen stuffed fish from Amazon, then I cut open the bottoms, took out most of the stuffing, and replaced it with dried beans.  After sewing them back up, they were perfect for helping Maui go fishing.  This game was VERY popular with the smaller kids.  The older kids used the other half of the game with the bean bags that came with it.

The middle photo above shows the Shiny Things Whiffleball game: Go here for directions

We also played Elimination Bingo with the Moana characters.  You can see the bingo directions here

The fourth game we played used a large tall box which I covered in green card stock cut
to resemble hills.  I glued coconut Kakamora warriors to it and some palm trees I printed.
There is a shallow box taped to the open top of the box.  (I used a LOT of masking tape).
I order SNOWBALL THROWERS for people to use as launchers.  I search for themed small bean bags to launch for parties.  Amazon just happens to have the Kakamora coconut characters. I now have a large collection of bean bags that fit into these launchers.  They are fun for ALL ages (seriously).

Of course, two of my palm trees were at the party.  They use plumbing pvc pieces.  Hobby Lobby has the best palm leaves in our area.  The birthday girl, her mom, and her grandma (my friend) loved all of this.  She was one happy little girl, and that made all of my work worth every minute I spent on it.  Of course, if you know me, I will reuse lots of the game pieces.  

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