Friday, April 20, 2018

Tour de France Office Party

I wanted to set the scene for beginning our Tour de France office party with downtown Paris.  I set up the office lobby as a Paris cafe with small tables and chairs, fresh greenery and candle centerpieces, large checked black and white tablecloths. All this was under two green market umbrellas I got on sale on Amazon at the end of the summer.  It was
hard getting Paris down to eight panels.  Here are the first four.  I have evolved to the idea to now make the panels into sets of two.  It looks better as two large murals instead of four individual ideas.  You will see the difference in my next blog about the Grand Canyon for our chili contest this year.  You can see in the Provence Panels below how the
first two line up.  In the holiday crush, I didn't notice that the road for the third panel
did not line up with the first two. If you want to see photos of the party go  here

The idea of the party was a bike race on the two adult sized trikes the office owns.  We have used them over and over again over the years, so I needed a new twist.  So we started the race in Paris, and it wound its way to Provence (where games and desserts were located) and back to Paris again. 

You can see above the last three panels make a better scene  There are mullions on the windows that are 8 inches between windows, so lining up the panels to match is difficult.
I am working and practicing on this process, but in the printing of these the measurements get thrown off.  I will blog with the photos of the party and game details in the next post.

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