Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A"mazing" Scooter Race

    I got the idea into my head to make a maze for the office party.  My original thought was to buy stand up scooters.  My husband was afraid that people would fall off of them and hit the walls.  My next idea was to rent adult tricycles.  It costs $400 and up to do this.  I put the idea on the back burner.  I kept searching the internet for adult tricycle ideas.  I finally came across the above riding scooter on  They were around $60 each.  When the description said that they would hold up to 220 pounds, I ordered two of them.
   They arrived two days ago.  I assembled them and practiced riding them.  You simply put your feet up on it and steer the steering wheel back and forth--and off it goes.  It even backs up.  I will make two simple mazes on the building's lobby floor (big space) right outside the office's front doors with painter's tape.  This will be a team relay.
   Complication.  I asked if the ladies could wear nice pants to the party.  But, most like to wear dresses.  My bestie suggested that I bring the pantaloons from my Raggedy Ann costume for those willing to wear them.  I will update this post with pictures after the party.

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