Sunday, November 11, 2012

Super Heroes and their ENEMIES

See how I used them at a party here

Super Hero                                                Arch enemy

1.         Superman                                         Lex Luther
2.        Flash                                                     Professor zoom
3.        batman                                                penguin
4,        green lantern                      sinesto
5.       aqua man                                           b lack mantra
6.       captain America                    Hitler
7.       wonder woman                       Cheeta
8.       SANTA                                                     GRINCH
9.       HULK                                                        Humanoid
10.      spiderman                                       green goblin
11.        thor                                                       Loki

The above list took me FOREVER to figure out, because I wanted to find clipart to match each hero.  This was not an easy job.  I give credit to comic book creators.  I needed these to make targets for the office Christmas Super Hero party.  I have saved empty coffee cans and putting a bad guy sticker on each one.  I am using ping pong catapult guns to knock them off the ladder.  Because of copyright issues, I am not giving you the individual cartoons.  I will, though, take a picture to show you the game. I have put them all on one sheet, so that you can find them on Google if you so desire.

  I have been working all day and last night on putting the super heroes onto the buildings I designed for Boom Town.  You can grab them Boom Town Here.
Below are the eleven enemies for each hero that I have chosen.  I didn't want to pick an image that was too scary, because little kids will be at the party.
I am printing each of these guys on cardstock sandwiched between cardboard. They will stand up on the cardboard skyscrapers we are building as targets for the rubber band guns.

I built a few more graphic buildings to add to your Boom Town file below. I am still having trouble entering individual clipart pieces to my blog.  They seem to have a mind all of their own.

Can you match the Super Hero to his/her emblem?
                            Can you find the two emblems I designed because the hero did not have one?

If you want to see the party plans they are going to be a part of, go here


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