Monday, December 17, 2012

Super Hero Office Party

     I sent out an email to the staff informing them that the Justice League of America was having a party to honor Santa as a Super Hero.  I told them that security would be tight and that everyone must were a security badge.  i made up EIGHTY badges using ten super heroes.  This actually put everyone on TEAMS in order to play the games.  They were also given a book of coupons to match their super hero badge.  The coupons had the name of each game on it and the words WON  and LOST.  We had two boxes.  The winners had a chance at cash prizes.  Those that lost had a chance at small door prizes. Almost everyone won something.  I also had a jar full of 85 small plastic super heroes.  They had to guess how many were in the jar.  The winners won cash prizes.

These are the posters to set the scene.  They turned out even better than I imagined.  I was afraid the heroes would look pixilated this big, but they didn't.  I had created all the buildings for the first grade Boom Town project.  I added garland, lights, trees, and wreaths.  The guests took each and every one of them home as favors.  I had handled canning jars loaded with hot chocolate mix and candy as favors.  But, everyone had so much fun, they wanted pieces of the party to take home.

  This was the first year I rented tables, chairs, and tablecloths.  After being so sick all fall, I decided to make life easier on myself.  Also, this was the first year, I used paper products.  I ordered super hero plates and napkins.  We used plastic silverware.  Clean up was a snap.  Since it wasn't a sit down dinner, I didn't mind.  If you look at the table, you can see the bad guy stand up figures I made along with the rubber band guns.  These turned out to be very popular.

Here is my favorite skyscraper build by architects from boxes.  The rules said the building had to each of the supplies provided and be at least 4 foot high.  As you can see, this one went all the way to the ceiling.  I provided them with neon necklaces, two kinds of craft sticks, tissue paper, shiny foil paper, poster board, foam core boards, markers, scissors, tape and glue.  Unfortunately, the judges did not choose this entry as the winner.

Behind the winning "SUPERMAN" team, is their entry.  The judges unanimously chose this one for its use of tissue paper.  Each team was required to have a ledge with their badge cantilevered out.  We did this so that the bad guy could be shot down with the rubber band gun.

Every building was also judged on their creative use of paper towel tubes.

I had three game boards with directions of how to play each game.  Aquaman sponsored the air swimmers.  Superman sponsored the catapults.  This was a VERY popular game.  I had eight superhero bean bags that learned to FLY that night. I put the directions on how I made them in a previous post.  What was the most popular game?  See  below in the photo.


 These scooters held up to 224 pounds.  They self propel by turning the steering wheel back and forth.  On the office's tile floors, they zoomed.  The adults had to practically drag the kids off of them, as they zoomed by.  By-the- way, I won a race against Buzz's partner's wife. Ha ha.  Buzz raced his partner and won.  Ha ha.  Everyone wanted to take them home.  But...they weren't an office expense.  I had purchased them.  I gave one away to the little girls who's dad always comes to my house to fix my computer.  The other one is going to my great nephews for a Christmas present.'s a secret.

The ping pong catapult guns were also a big hit.  I put empty coffee cans with bad guy stickers on a ladder. (I saw this idea on Pinterest).  Everyone had fun trying this.  They also loved using the mops to play shuffleboard with.  I used another Pinterest idea to use colored sharpie markers (they come in paint brushes now) on clear contact paper.  I put these sticky super hero badges right on the tile floor.  I made shuttles of 12" wooden squares with the soft side of hook and loop on the outside.  I hot glued Bobble head super heroes to the top of each board.  The guests LOVED this.  Two of my bobble heads went home as "souvenirs."    

Below is a video of one of the air swimmers.  My husband had a ball with these.

 Here is my husband with another of the architects racing the scooters.  I didn't realize that so many people had ridden them until I saw all of the photos.  The pajama pants I provided were worn by the ladies who wore dresses.
 Here are party members at the catapult games.  There was a catapult at both ends of this long hall.  They had to get the bean bag hero into the blue square (painters tape).  We put the red rug samples in the boxes to help the players see the target better and to help muffle the sound of the board hitting the floor after the players stomped on it.  You can see the shark floating off to the right.

 Here is a picture of the bobble head super hero shuffleboard.

This photo shows players on their knees with the ping pong catapult guns.  The shark is now floating behind these guys. You can see that everyone was very good about wearing their "security" badges.
             If you are interested in any graphics and the party plans go here

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